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  Thank you for visiting The Notable Ultima, created by Underworld Dragon (that's me). This site is a library of all the wonderful, unusual, or (dare I say it) notable things I have found out about the Ultima series of computer games and those who made them. Below are links to the various Ultima resources I have created or maintain. They are broken up into a series of "notebooks". The legal pad motif is a tribute to all the little yellow notebooks I've filled with notes, maps, and scribbles over the past fifteen years while travelling in the guise of the Avatar. I hope that in each notebook you find something interesting and useful to you. Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think of these notebooks.


The Collectible Ultima The Collectible Ultima
Information about Ultima and Ultima-related products for the serious collector and casual fan. Also a lot of fun facts and history about the products and those who made them.

The Historical Ultima The Historical Ultima
The most extensive chronology available of Britannia and the events of the Ultima universe.

The Literal Ultima The Literal Ultima
Complete transcripts of the cardinal Ultima games, and a library of the books found throughout the series.

The Rhetorical Ultima The Rhetorical Ultima
Essays on various topics related to Britannia.

The Trivial Ultima The Trivial Ultima
A repository of fun facts and trivia about the Ultima series, including my own personal challenge. "Are you SURE you want to go this way, Avatar?"

The FAQtual Ultima The FAQtual Ultima
Various FAQs and other resources I maintain on behalf of the Ultima Dragons.

The Personal Ultima The Personal Ultima
Pages and items related to my personal interest in Ultima and the Ultima Dragons.

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